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Quotes From Buyers and Internet Visitors

" as soon as possible as they have proved to be very popular indeed". - Joanna, Bluestone Gallery, Wiltshire.
"Your cards still out sell all the others we stock" - Green and Noble of York UK
"We sold out of stocks of two of your designs two hours after putting them on display. Actually we haven't got many left of any design. They have sold very, very well" - Nicola. Gibbs Gallery in Coventry Cathedral
"Ordering your cards was one of the best things we have ever done!" - Warwick Gallery UK
"We are delighted to say that your card range has been selling extremely well" - Helen @ Present Surprise, West Sussex
"You're one of our best sellers " - Old Courthouse Gallery, Ambleside, Cumbria
"It's an exclusive beautiful product" - Jamie Collins, Pantiles Post Office, Tunbridge Wells
"I have recently placed a second order with you and am very pleased with the response I am receiving and therefore would like to continue stocking your cards indefinitely" - H.M.Jobbins, Hayley Marie, Caerleon, Nr Newport
"People buy your cards in 10's" - Warwick Gallery
"You should feel honored we weren't going to buy any more cards but we decided to make yours an exception" - The Bumble Bee, Keyworth, Notts. 
"I can't believe how quickly your cards sell" - Hayley Marie
"From the small sample I have just looked at it is great. I love sending cards that are VERY different from the commercially printed ones you buy in a shop. Keep up the great work." - Kate Steel
"Bonjour! Hay! you're already on my page!!heheh! I beat you to it! I discovered your great website and posted it under 'greeting cards'! much success to you! Thanks in advance for posting my page as a link! Aurevoir, Cynthia Garinther, Montreal"
"Your work is beautiful, best of the Ring as far as I can see from the small examples. Dalia ti!" - Cyan Cernwnos -

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